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Our company, which closely follows all the requirements of the information age, attaches importance to a human-centered philosophy. While meeting the customer's needs, friendliness, professional experience and business ethics are taken into consideration.

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Sleevemak Buhar Tüneli Sıvı Dolum Makineleri

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Steam Tunnel is a machine that performs the sterilization process of various products. It is generally used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The products are sterilized by contact with high temperature steam while passing through the tunnel. In this way, the shelf life of the products is extended and they become safe for health.

In the International Machinery Manufacturing sector, Steam Tunnel and Liquid Filling Machines are extremely important machines. It is possible for businesses to optimize their production processes by using these machines in their production lines. Additionally, the quality of the products increases thanks to the use of these machines.

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